Global Solutions Forum

Solving the world’s biggest problems isn’t easy. Progress is often slow and incremental. But all over the planet, brilliant people are implementing local initiatives designed to help achieve the SDGs. The Global Solutions Forum brings these people together in an inclusive space to share progress, to highlight important takeaways, and to inspire one another to keep moving forward. As the leading global network of knowledge-creating institutions in support of the Agenda 2030, the SDSN has unique expertise and avant-garde solutions for sustainable development. Through the Global Solutions Forum, we are committed to showcase and highlight our members’ most impactful solutions. This global event intends for them to gain global visibility and recognition, but also serve as an important virtual gathering of experts to learn from one another and make a difference.

This initiative offers an opportunity for our Networks to engage their members and work with a variety of stakeholders, including the private sector, in implementing specific locally relevant solutions. Furthermore, it offers the selected Solution Initiatives widespread communication and media coverage, with the aim to promote the upscale of these Solution Initiatives worldwide.

The 2020 Edition

“In the face of the current global health crisis, we feel it is more important than ever to shine light on the most transformative and scalable solutions – those that will help define the “new normal” and shape the path towards a sustainable future.” - Jeffrey Sachs, President, SDSN

In 2020, SDSN will take this initiative to the next level, with a state-of-the-art virtual event that wil stand out thanks to its inclusivity of global audiences, connections with different stakeholders, and innovative solutions. We aim to make the GSF 2020 a one-of-a-kind happening meant to bridge the gap between avant-garde science and policymakers, between technical solutions and practical implementation. The event will feature creative ways of active engagement for all participants, ensuring a truly interconnected atmosphere that stretches around the globe in real time.

The GSF 2020 will unite civil society, business leaders, policymakers, scientists, and non-governmental actors for an event full of opportunities for action on all scales and with a global scope. The concept of scalable solutions that lies at the heart of the Global Solutions Forum is meant to inspire and connect the diverse and global audience, equipping them with clear-cut messaging and opportunities for action within the framework of the latest available science.

The 2019 Edition

The inaugural GSF was held in New York on September 25th, 2019, and brought together experts in science, tech, and public policy presenting seven-minute rapid-fire talks packed with challenges and discoveries from within the global SDSN network. Told through stories, images, and insights, the talks were aimed at uniting and inspiring the 250 participants.

All solutions can be accessed here for more information. The 2019 edition was widely featured online, with around 650 virtual reproductions of the livestream, and more than 80k impressions on Twitter.

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