Happiness & Sustainability Around the Earth: 24 Hour Webinar

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020, SDSN hosted its first-ever 24-hour global webinar, Happiness and Sustainability Around the Earth. Over 3,600 global citizens tuned in to listen to Nobel Peace Prize laureates, musicians, researchers, celebrities, and CEOs. Participants and speakers from different cultures, expertise, and backgrounds gathered together virtually to circumnavigate the globe and promote sustainability and happiness during a time where both may seem broken or lost. The concept of Happiness was chosen to help unite the efforts of our global network under a unifying banner of solidarity. Happiness and well-being is something all humans share in common, and it is achieved through connecting with one another, an important sentiment in the time of COVID-19.

This event was conceptualized under the leadership of the SDSN Secretariat, SDSN Switzerland, SDSN USA, and SDSN Youth leads. Over the course of six months, 20 of SDSN’s networks from 5 continents participated in defining the theme, messaging, audience, program, and marketing of this event. The collaborative process, substance, and technical execution of this event demonstrated the power and agility of our diverse global network. This was the first time the SDSN networks participated in this kind of virtual event and are hoping to do similar virtual forums in the future.