Network Manager Training

The SDSN Secretariat has crafted a continuous training program for SDSN Network managers. Thanks to the generous support of GIZ, the program includes a virtual seminar series as well as in-person workshops, usually held around the SDSN’s Leadership Council meeting. These training sessions are an opportunity for SDSN Network managers and Secretariat members alike to present initiatives and share experiences and lessons learned regarding managing their networks and projects. In addition, this space allows networks to collaborate around joint initiatives such as the 24-hour webinar Happiness & Sustainability Around the Earth which was conceived during the September 2019 workshop week in New York.

The 8th edition of the training workshop was scheduled in March 2020 in Madrid, but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period of uncertainty, SDSN’s efforts were redoubled and, together with GIZ, the Secretariat developed a Capacity Building in times of COVID-19 program to support the network managers. This program focuses on skills and tools to support networks during the crisis and beyond, including shared subscriptions to online meeting and webinar platforms, a digital and interactive toolbox with tips for online meetings and more, and an updated monthly seminar series with special sessions on virtual member engagement and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

To date, the workshops have trained up to 40 different managers covering a range of topics including SDSN member engagement, fundraising, solution initiatives development, community management and much more. In addition to building capacity and developing skills amongst the diverse global team, these workshops also help facilitate discussions and build rapport between networks.