SDG Academy

The SDG Academy is SDSN’s flagship education initiative. We create and curate free online educational resources on sustainable development and offer them as a global public good. This offering includes more than 30 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) covering each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and related interdisciplinary topics; our SDG Academy Library of open-access educational video content; themed webinars; and a Community of Practice that brings together universities, NGOs, and businesses to advance education for sustainable development through peer exchange and learning.

COVID-19 Response

Since the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the SDG Academy has been working to help our audience understand the context of the crisis, enable the achievement of the SDGs through remote learning, and empower educators around the world to teach online. To this end, the SDG Academy has compiled resources and best practices for transitioning to remote learning, and joined collaborative efforts such as the edX Remote Access and Open Campus programs and the UNESCO Global Education Coalition for COVID-19.

Community of Practice

Launched in 2020, the SDG Academy Community of Practice invites global higher education institutions, NGOs, for-profit businesses, and relevant government entities to join a diverse community. The Community is dedicated to advancing education for sustainable development through peer learning and the sharing of best practices, customized resource development, and opportunities for research and thought leadership. Members have the opportunity to engage with the SDG-focused resources offered by the SDG Academy; personalize these resources for their own needs and institutional contexts; and develop their own resources, communities of learning, networks, and dialogues across the wider Community of Practice. Applications are open to all SDSN member universities and NGOs, as well as for-profit businesses.

Course Creation Partnerships

The SDG Academy collaborates with SDSN Networks to co-create online courses. For example, Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective, a regionalization of the Academy’s global course on sustainable food and agriculture, was created in partnership with SDSN Mediterranean and discusses the particular challenges and opportunities of the agricultural sector in the Mediterranean basin. It summarizes global-to-local challenges related to achieving the SDGs; outlines the history and culture of agriculture and its main characteristics with a focus on the "Mediterranean diet"; explains agricultural data with a focus on rural development models and value creation; explores EU policy frameworks and international agreements related to food and agriculture in the Mediterranean; and highlights emerging opportunities linked to innovation and sustainability in the sector.

Open Call For Translations

The SDG Academy endeavors to present translations of our courses in as many languages as possible and actively seeks collaboration opportunities with Network members.

Master’s in Development Practice

Launched in 2008, the Global Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) is an interdisciplinary, two-year graduate degree program that prepares students to better identify and address the challenges of sustainable development. Its curriculum includes core courses in the natural, social, health, and management sciences, as well as field experiences and shared online learning. The Global Association of MDP programs currently includes 38 academic programs in 26 countries. The Global MDP Secretariat is part of the SDG Academy and serves as the umbrella organization overseeing most of the MDP activities worldwide.

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