SDSN Mobilize

SDSN Mobilize is our exclusive internal communications platform for all 1300+ SDSN member organizations around the world. Our aim is to help turn thoughts into action, provide inspiration, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise within our global network of problem solvers. The platform facilitates a direct line of communication between members, geographic and thematic networks, and the SDSN Secretariat. Mobilize is our members’ one stop shop for networking and connecting.

As part of the SDSN online community, representatives from SDSN member institutions can identify and connect with peers, increase the outreach of their projects and activities, position their organization as leaders in their field, find new prospects for collaboration, ask questions, identify funding opportunities, and draw upon the community’s ever-growing expertise. To date, SDSN Mobilize boasts around 3,200 individuals in this one-of-a-kind pool of sustainable development experts. Once a week, we shine a light on one of our incredibly diverse members, highlighting their work in our “SDSN Mobilize Member Mondays”. Additionally, the platform features exclusive content like a comprehensive weekly compilation of funding opportunities in sustainable development and a bulletin on Covid-19 related research and events. We also help our members apply for grants, participate in conferences, identify fellowships, publish research, and much more.

SDSN Mobilize invites all faculty and researchers at SDSN member institutions to join and actively participate.