The Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land Use and Energy (FABLE) Pathways Consortium

FABLE is a collaborative initiative, operating as part of the Food and Land-Use Coalition (FOLU), to understand how countries can transition towards sustainable land-use and food systems. FABLE works on how countries can collectively meet associated SDGs and the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

To design and implement the sustainable transformation of these systems, countries will need to carefully assess the trade-offs between the competing land uses for food production, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity conservation, among others. They will also need to account for their dependency on food imports and the international spillovers of their demand for imports on other countries. Yet, many countries lack integrated strategies that tackle the synergies and trade-offs between the multiple and interconnected pressures on land.

Fortunately, solutions do exist to address these challenges – they are just not widely known or applied at scale. This is why the FABLE Consortium mobilizes top knowledge institutions from more than 20 countries to support the development of decision-support tools and long-term pathways towards sustainable food and land-use systems. Many SDSN national networks contribute their technical expertise to this initiative and are part of the FABLE Country Teams. Overall, a critical focus of the Consortium is to strengthen the Country Teams’ capacity to advise their governments on the design and implementation of these pathways.

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