SDSN Amazônia

Hosted by:
  • Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS)
    Manaus, Brazil

The SDSN Amazonia network coordinates action on the 2030 Agenda across the Amazon Basin region, aiming to mobilize local knowledge in the search for solutions and good practices in line with the SDGs, while respecting local contexts.

Amazon Solutions Platform

The Amazon Solutions Platform, developed by SDSN Amazonia and supported by UN-Environment, is a georeferenced database of SDG solution projects from around the Amazon. It features 160 solutions (from 5 countries) implemented by a diverse set of institutions. The projects are in different stages of development, with some in the implementation stage, while others are ready to be scaled up. The platform is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to facilitate exchange of information.

SDSN Amazonia Award

This Award raises awareness of promising solutions to the most challenging problems of sustainable development in the Amazon. In 2019, the most innovative initiative, Gastronomy with Conservation Flavour of Amazónicos por la Amazonía (Amazonians for the Amazon), a peruvian NGO, represented the network at the Global Solutions Forum in New York. In its third edition, the 2020 theme was Sustainable solutions to face Covid-19 in the Amazon. The 2020 Award aims to identify and encourage good practices and effective, sustainable solutions that address Covid-19 in vulnerable communities, in particular indigenous, traditional, and low-income urban areas.

Amazon Education Program

One of SDSN Amazonia’s main goals is to promote education and capacity building for Amazonian leaders. In this context, Amazonia-Edu was launched to train change agents for sustainable development through experiential education. In 2019, SDSN Amazonia supported the Amazon Journey immersion course. The Amazon Journey is an intensive, 10-day program focused on capacity building, which helps participants understand, reflect on, and take action in the field of sustainable development. Through a collective learning process, the group builds their experience together based on shared purpose, work, and values.

SDSN Youth in Amazonia

Our youth network launched an SDG Photography Contest in July 2019. The 17 winning pieces, representing positive actions for achieving the SDGs, were exhibited during the Turn Around Manaus Festival. Also, the youth representatives actively participated in events to create awareness about the importance of the Amazon forest and the 2030 Agenda. The youth Network Coordinator represented the Amazon network during several side events at Climate Week in New York and made an inspirational presentation at the 2019 Vatican Youth Symposium, focused on empowering youth to act locally and think globally.

Looking Ahead

SDSN Amazonia and SDSN Andes are developing an online, SDG-focused, user-friendly, open-access platform for monitoring SDG progress in South America. The tool will also provide essential information for implementing projects towards achieving the 2030 Agenda. The Initiatives Lab hosted by SDSN and GIZ selected this project as the top solution. Through the program, the initiative will receive mentorship from strategic partners. The platform is a pioneering tool to boost the 2030 Agenda in South America.

The Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) is a Brazilian non-governmental organization that has helped over 10,000 families, benefiting 41,808 people living in 647 communities in 16 Conservation Units (UC) across Brazil’s Amazonas state. FAS, founded in 2007, promotes sustainable development of the Amazon Basin, including environmental conservation, improvements to the quality of life of riverine communities, and the inclusion of stakeholders in decision-making processes.