SDSN Andes

Hosted by:
  • Yachay Tech
    Urcuquí, Imbabura, Ecuador

SDSN Andes works on four thematic areas: 1. Biodiversity protection and sustainable management of ecosystems, 2. Sustainable and resilient human settlements, 3. Sustainable production and consumption, and 4. Data management and monitoring of the SDGs.

Online Community Action Platform

SDSN Andes and Hapicorporate launched an online, open access, platform focused on Covid-19. The platform is a virtual space for academics, researchers, engineers, specialists from various organizations, and the public-at-large, to share ideas, information, best practices and lessons learned in relation to the fight against the pandemic. In addition to being a repository of free information, this platform is an opportunity to generate synergies that contribute to the search for solutions to the crisis caused by Covid-19, and an invitation to everyone (particularly from the Andean region) to join the discussion about how to turn this global shock into an opportunity and reshape our communities into more resilient and sustainable social systems.

24 hour webinar

On April 22, SDSN hosted the first worldwide 24-hour webinar to address the issues of happiness, well-being, and sustainability. SDSN Andes’ session Reflections and Solutions from the Andean Region explored human-nature relations and conservation, as well as SDG localization efforts in Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador. Panelists included a Nobel Peace Prize winner; Yolanda Kakabadse, former President of IUCN and WWF; Estela Cammarota, Founder of Engineering Without Borders - Argentina; Reinalina Chavarri, Director of the Sustainability Observatory - University of Chile; Mariano Oberlin, Catholic Priest working with impoverished communities in Argentina; Julio López, Director of Sustainable Cities - Grupo FARO; and Mireya Villacis, Project Coordinator - Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano.

Looking ahead

SDSN Andes and SDSN Amazonia will create an SDG-focused, user-friendly and free online platform to display key information for implementing projects to achieve Agenda 2030. The platform will show georeferenced information on progress made, on local prioritization of SDGs, local authorities in charge of SDG-implementation, SDSN member organizations, solution initiatives, lessons learned, and locally applicable funding opportunities. This project won the Initiatives Lab contest hosted by SDSN and GIZ, and will be developed with the support of several partners. While encouraging action on all of the SDGs, the platform directly addresses SDG 17 by “encouraging and promoting effective public, public-private, and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships” (Target 17.17).

We are living at the end of an era and we have to decide what path humanity will take. Hopefully, a path towards a fairer global economy where people have regained balance with themselves, with others, and with mother Earth. That will require critical awareness, collective consciousness, social organization and resistance, regaining of values, and overcoming mental monoculture.
Adolfo María Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Yachay Tech is an Ecuadorian public university founded in March 2014, which aims to position Ecuador as a center for research, innovation, and technological excellence in Latin America.