SDSN China Hub

Hosted by:
  • Institute for Sustainable Development Goals of Tsinghua University (TUSDG)
    Beijing, China

TUSDG became the China Hub of the SDSN in February 2019. As one of the leading academic institutes focused on the SDGs in China, TUSDG is committed to building an interdisciplinary, high-end platform to contribute to: frontier research, talent training, policy consulting, and international exchange and cooperation.

Major Research Projects

Approved and funded by the National Social Science Fund of China in 2017, TUSDG has been working on the 3-year major project: Research on the Evaluation System Construction and Implementation Path of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The research raised a conversation on how China can achieve sustainable development by implementing the SDGs from the perspectives of global development and public governance; what would be long term implementation pathways, response strategies and policies at global, national, and local levels. Meanwhile, this research will share with other countries first-hand knowledge and perspectives on China’s experience of SDGs implementation.

SDGs Localization

Since 2018, the state council, P.R.C. has initiated the national plan of China’s Innovation Driven Demonstration Zones for promoting SDGs implementation in China, starting with several pilot cites, and will gradually expand to the whole county in the future. Since then, TUSDG has been working with local governments in Hubei, Yunnan, Zhejiang and Guangxi provinces, and jointly promoted the SDGs localization by providing SDGs implementation strategies, policy suggestions and practical solutions. Currently, TUSDG is working on the Study on the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with the Deqing county government, which will be the first SDGs implementation and localization solution at the county level within China.

Dual Master’s Programme in Public Policy for SDGs

In January 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping and then Swiss President Doris Leuthard witnessed the signing of a cooperative memorandum on sustainable development between Tsinghua University and University of Geneva. This cooperation would result in the launch of a unique Dual Master’s Programme entirely focused on the SDGs.

Meet SDGs High-End Forum

This is one of the TUSDG’s flagship events set up for international exchange and communication on the SDGs. Many world-known experts in political, business and academic circles have been invited to share their frontier research, thoughtful insights, and practical experience about the SDGs. The Forum has received broad attention and massive coverage from hundreds of media outlets at home and abroad.

Looking ahead

Research Progress

The results of the above mentioned Research on the Evaluation System Construction and Implementation Path project will be finalised in 2020 and published soon thereafter.

Founded in April 2017, the Institute for Sustainable Development Goals of Tsinghua University (known as TUSDG) is housed in Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. It aims to establish a leading platform to conduct interdisciplinary research and collaborate with global partners to boost the implementation of the SDGs.