SDSN Cyprus

Hosted by:
  • The Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation (CREF)
    Nicosia, Cyprus

A National Network for Sustainable Development

Established in November 2019 and publicly launched on June 12, 2020, SDSN Cyprus is dedicated to providing science-based solutions for the implementation of the SDGs in Cyprus. The network is led by an influential multi-sectoral, multidisciplinary Leadership Council representing all the different sectors in Cypriot society: universities and academia, the private sector, influential former high-ranking civil servants, and civil society organizations. SDSN Cyprus is working with all parts of society to improve the country’s performance in implementing the SDGs until 2030. To do this, the network is collecting and disseminating best practices, raising awareness, promoting sustainable development education, engaging with youth, and assisting the authorities, the private sector, and civil society organizations in mainstreaming the SDGs into their daily operations.

While there is broad consensus on the importance of environment and climate change as major issues facing the island, in addition to the need for gender equality when facing these challenges, it was considered premature to select specific SDGs for the network to focus on at this stage. Thus, SDGs 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, and 15 were all agreed to be important areas of work for SDSN Cyprus, but this does not restrict the network from examining any of the other SDGs as considered relevant.

The network is chaired by Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas, President of the Cyprus Institute and Special Envoy on Climate Change of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, and Dr. Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and member of the CREF Board of trustees.

Looking ahead

Newly established in June 2020, SDSN Cyprus is looking forward to establishing an SDSN Youth Network for the island, as well as participating in the SDSN MED Hubs, which are internationally renowned research centers and will be of reference in the SDSN MED Community in the deep transformations needed to implement the Agenda 2030. SDSN Cyprus has been selected as the MED HUB for “digital revolution for sustainable development”. The network has also set out to bring 100% of the universities in the Republic of Cyprus on board. Aside from that, and beyond its launch event on 12th June 2020, SDSN Cyprus is working on establishing an SDSN Youth network, and preparing to roll out a summer environmental documentary film series, as well as encouraging CSOs and other organizations and networks to sign up as local partners.

The Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation (CREF) was established in February 2004 driven by the vision of promoting the advancement of knowledge and its humane and benevolent applications throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, highlighting the role of Cyprus as a gateway of knowledge and innovation between EU and the region and to help in the transformation of Cyprus’ economy into a knowledge-based economy. To realize its vision and objectives, CREF planned the establishment of a new research and educational institution, which would promote research and education in Cyprus and its region. CREF designed the new institution, The Cyprus Institute (CyI), aiming at benefiting the public interest at large. The Cyprus Institute, which is both a research and educational institution, as well as the physical manifestation of CREF, is the physical location for the Secretariat of SDSN Cyprus, and provides all the necessary administrative backstopping.