SDSN Hong Kong

Hosted by:
  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HKJCCT)
    Hong Kong SAR
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
    Hong Kong SAR

SDSN Hong Kong focuses on public education for sustainable development, climate action, clean energy, and responsible consumption. It now hosts a total of 10 members from renowned Hong Kong Institutions.

The year 2019/20 has been challenging for Hong Kong due to the coronavirus outbreak and local protests. Amid those challenges, the network had to cancel events and activities. In line with its belief in sustainable development, SDSN Hong Kong will continue to support the community especially through the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

SDG Forum Series

In 2019/20, SDSN Hong Kong, together with CUHK’s Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) and the Office of University General Education, hosted six public forums, covering a range of sustainability topics from waste management, public health, climate change, to AI and sustainable cities.

Sharing Philanthropic Action through COVID-19 Webinars

SDSN Hong Kong’s co-host, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, has mobilized its resources and capabilities swiftly to address urgent community needs amid the pandemic, it has sourced or funded the purchase of more than 14 million face masks, provided US$13 million in emergency grants to community organizations to support relief work, and funded mobile internet data bandwidth for 100,000 underprivileged students to facilitate online learning.

To promote multi-stakeholder collaboration and knowledge dissemination, the Network Co-Chair, Leong Cheung, who is also the Executive Director, Charities and Community, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, participated in a series of local and international webinars to share insights from the Club’s work to help the Hong Kong community deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Mr. Leung noted the need to mobilize resources with agility, proactively approaching different stakeholders to form innovative solutions, and empowering community partners to support society’s most vulnerable groups.

In support of the Happiness and Sustainability Around the Earth webinar in April 2020, SDSN Hong Kong hosted the kick-off session, COVID-19, Globalization and Philanthropy, to address the relationship between illness and happiness, and how philanthropic work is essential in bringing happiness to vulnerable groups during COVID-19.

‘Zero Waste, No Disgrace’ Exhibition

Hong Kong’s per capita waste generation is among the highest in the world. To inspire the public to live a more sustainable lifestyle, SDSN Hong Kong together with MoCC launched the ‘Zero Waste, No Disgrace’ exhibition in May 2020, which also showcases the outcomes of MoCC’s waste reduction school project.

Looking ahead

SDSN Hong Kong will continue to promote SDG localization in the city, support the community through the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and engage with local knowledge institutions and NGOs in Hong Kong to expand its membership.

In the 21st century, global challenges are looming and occurring more rapidly than ever before. We need to carefully address and strike a balance among issues related to poverty, inequality, climate, the environment, prosperity, and peace and justice.
Professor Rocky S. Tuan Network Co-Chair, and Vice-Chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Founded in 1884, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a world-class racing club that acts continuously for the betterment of our society. The Club has a unique integrated business model, comprising racing and racecourse entertainment, a membership club, responsible sports wagering and lottery, and charity and community contribution. The Club is Hong Kong’s largest single taxpayer and one of the city’s major employers. Its Charities Trust is also one of the world’s top ten charity donors and its supported projects covered all 17 SDGs.

Founded in 1963, CUHK is a forward-looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West. Dedicated to research and education excellence as well as the advancement of sustainable development, the University houses the world’s first climate change museum, the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, and several vibrant interdisciplinary research centres, including the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability and the Institute of Health Equity.