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  • Universitas Indonesia (UI)
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    Jakarta, Indonesia

As the fourth most populous country in the world, with an abundance of natural resources and biodiversity, Indonesia is an essential contributor to the 2030 Agenda. Numerous stakeholders are coordinated under the Government’s SDGs National Coordination Secretariat to align their programs with the SDGs.

Highlighting Universities’ Activities in Addressing the SDGs

SDSN Indonesia members have undertaken local research and community-based solutions to support regional and district level sustainability efforts. For example, University of Bengkulu and Universitas Andalas are delivering training and volunteer programs for both community members and government officials on promoting sustainability science and the SDGs. Universitas Cenderawasih in Papua has identified conservation and agri-business best practices derived from local wisdom. Moreover, Syiah Kuala University in Aceh and the Center for Sustainable Development in Udayana University in Bali are working together with their respective regional government to implement sustainable solutions by providing evidence-based research related to poverty reduction, climate change, and disaster risk-mitigation challenges.

SDSN Indonesia Secretariat has a growing reputation as a bridge between universities and the general public in promoting mental health (Goal 3), social enterprises in agri-food (Goal 2), and environmentally focused initiatives (Goal 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15).

“Six transformations to achieve the SDGs” in Indonesia

SDSN Indonesia hosted an array of ministerial level meetings in February 2020. During these consultations, the network used the Six transformations to achieve SDGs to emphasize the importance of SDSN’s role in supporting the Government of Indonesia in achieving the SDGs. The discussions with the government are ongoing including ways of improving Indonesia’s performance on the SDG Index, collaborating on the ongoing Nature Map project, and setting up a local task force to support Green Investment in Indonesia.

Looking Ahead

SDSN Indonesia and the Indonesia SDGs Hub have a multi-stakeholder partnership plan underway to leverage support for the SDG implementation. Moreover, the network is working closely with the local chapter of SDSN Youth to develop a program of work to engage youth in innovative solutions. Thanks to the continuous support from the Belantara Foundation, SDSN Indonesia is able to strengthen the efforts of the secretariat by inviting exciting new members, providing global resources and opportunities for learning, and promoting peer-learning amongst members.

Belantara focuses on assisting local communities and local NGOs through enhancing environmentally and economically sustainable livelihood and protecting the environment, to support the Indonesia government on mitigating climate change.
Dr. Sri Mariati, Executive Director, Belantara Foundation


The United in Diversity (UID) forum is a non-profit organization established with Indonesian leaders from business, government, and civil society. Founded in 2003, UID has invited leaders from all sectors to come together, start a new dialogue of responsibility, and agree on concrete actions that address root-causes of Indonesia’s problems, as well as regional and world challenges.