SDSN Mediterranean

Hosted by:
  • The University of Siena - Santa Chiara Lab
    Siena, Italy

SDSN Mediterranean is a regional network that aims to boost awareness of the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs in the Mediterranean region by promoting collaborative research, innovative teaching, youth leadership, and by engaging in a wide array of projects and partnerships. One of the main focuses is innovation and capacity building in the agri-food sector. The network is a partner of the UN Environmental Programme - Mediterranean Action Plan, Union for the Mediterranean and Unimed, three of the most relevant networks acting in the region.

Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA)

PRIMA is the most ambitious Mediterranean-wide program combining science and cultural diplomacy for sustainable development. It was initiated as a partnership among countries thanks to the impulse of SDSN Mediterranean. It funds research and innovation projects in sustainable water, and the agriculture and food value chain. 83 projects were funded in 2018/19 with a budget of over €100 million. An additional €60 million will be allocated in 2020 and 2021.

PRIMA Observatory on Innovation (POI)

POI is a digital platform collecting, sharing, and promoting best research, innovation, and education practices in the agri-food sector in the Mediterranean. It highlights new concrete solutions for SDSN members and enterprises and fosters new partnerships among researchers, innovators, businesses, and stakeholders.

Education for Sustainable Development

In 2019, over 3000 learners engaged in the MOOC “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective,” developed by SDSN Mediterreanean in collaboration with the Barilla Foundation and the SDG Academy. The MOOC was also adopted by the European Commission for an Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project. Moreover, the network continues to host the annual Siena Summer School on Sustainable Development to teach upcoming leaders from all walks of life on sustainable finance, sustainable energy, and green and social economy, among others.

Fixing the Business of Food

“Fixing the Business of Food” is a research project promoted by SDSN Mediterranean in partnership with Barilla Foundation, SDSN and the Columbia Centre for Sustainable Investments. The project aims at mapping and upscaling the reporting and operational practices of companies from the agri-food sector.

Sustainable Development Report - Mediterranean Countries Edition 2020

SDSN Mediterranean serves as a science-policy interface providing governments, international organizations, and policy makers with relevant information on the achievement of the SDGs. The Mediterranean Countries Edition of the Sustainable Development Report 2020 is an important means of engagement of such actors.

Looking ahead

The network is launching the “Med Hubs” project, which builds on a transformative approach and proposes to create six thematic hubs in the Mediterranean region. Each hub, coordinated by an SDSN Network in partnership with another organization on an equal footing principle, is expected to promote innovative solutions in their sector and to serve as an interface for science-oriented policies.

Founded in 1240, the University of Siena is one of the world’s oldest universities. With a campus of about 15000 students, it is actively involved in numerous international projects of education, research, mobility and training on sustainable development. In particular, the Santa Chiara Lab serves as an incubator for many multidisciplinary projects on sustainable development, including SDSN Mediterranean, PRIMA, and POI.