SDSN South Asia

Hosted by:
  • The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
    New Delhi, India

SDSN South Asia Youth has been very active in the past year. They hosted India’s largest Sustainability Quiz in association with WIPRO, called ‘Earthian,’ in which about 200 students from all over India participated . They also organized two days of the annual technical symposium (Re-topia) which provided students with a deeper understanding of the various challenges and strategies for sustainable energy. A full-day program was held to create awareness on Climate Change with the theme of Youth & Climate Action, including a series of events such as, photography competition, quiz and talks by renowned climate experts.

SDSN South Asia Youth also organized workshops and awareness campaigns on trash challenges, solid waste management, SDG 16. They supported the local government on localizing the SDGs by developing a SDG related questionnaire for village profiles.

SDSN South Asia Youth - Proactive and Passionate

The SDSN South Asia Youth collaborated with the Climate Reality Project organizing a Walk for Climate Emergency where we walked to the government school Sarvodaya Vidyalaya to raise awareness on air pollution. The network used the walk to add practical value about air pollution to the students’ in a fun way through a series of interactive programs, including a short skit, quiz, and a Snakes and Ladders game on the SDGs.

2019-2020 Initiatives at the Secretariat

The SDSN South Asia secretariat at TERI held a workshop on and launched the FOLU project report with its consortium partners. SDSN South Asia actively participated in the World Sustainable Development Summit held annually in New Delhi, where SDG hub TERISAS students played an active role and volunteered.

Looking ahead

SDSN South Asia is planning to conduct a webinar series in the coming year, focused on selected SDGs. The network will support Green Olympiad activities, and participate in the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS).

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