SDSN Southeast Asia

Hosted by:
  • United in Diversity (UID)
    Jakarta, Indonesia

SDSN Southeast Asia is working to scale up efforts to promote and implement the SDGs across the ASEAN region. A core principle of this network is to reflect on the roots of the local culture and spiritual philosophies to support the SDGs. One of the most well-known of such philosophies in this region is the Balinese Philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, or the Three Ways to Happiness.

SDG Happiness Festival 2020

For the third year in a row, the network organized the SDG Happiness Festival in Indonesia with the help of Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the main event of this year’s SDG Happiness Festival had to be organized online. The unprecedented circumstance led to an array of new opportunities explored via the online platform. We are excited to report that the 2020 SDG Happiness Festival successfully conducted more than 30 webinars, attracting over 5000 participants from across Indonesia and the region.

Blended Finance and Innovation

The Government of Indonesia and United In Diversity with its Tri Hita Karana (THK) partners held a private dinner dialogue in January 2020 in Davos, focused on “Realising Indonesia’s Potential through Sustainable Development.” The dialogue focused on two priority themes: (1) investing in nature-based solutions (focusing on carbon finance, forest conservation and healthy oceans); and (2) creating innovation hubs for the SDGs, especially for the new capital city.

Participants discussed how resilience can be built through nature-based solutions aided by technology and innovation, with a focus on engaging indigenous communities. The dialogue proposed nature based solutions, such as Uncarbon, focusing on conservation through the carbon credit market; and Blue Halo S approach using blended financing mechanisms to mobilize private, public, and philanthropic funding to secure sustainable fisheries.

On the second theme, participants discussed how the new capital can attract major investment interest by creating HIVES hubs or HIVES clusters (HIVES - Harmonious, Innovative, Value Creation, Ecological and Social SDG Hubs & Clusters). The idea of HIVES is to create a favorable ecosystem that encompasses development of world class sustainable infrastructure and value creation enterprises.

The event also saw the MOU signing between World Economic Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Global Public Goods (PGPG) and United In Diversity to support Indonesia through projects such as Development Finance, the National Plastic Action Partnership, the Friends of Ocean Action, and the Tropical Forest Alliance.

Looking Ahead

The network aims to hold the Tri Hita Karana Forum on Sustainable Development virtually in November 2020. The virtual form will highlight projects scaling nature-positive and SDGs-related solutions with innovative financing models to continue to build momentum for an environmentally and socially inclusive development model.

The Sustainable Development Goals have been translated into national development agendas by most of the Southeast Asian countries. SDSN Southeast Asia engages governments of the region to share best practices and lessons learned on SDG solutions implementation across all sectors of academia, public, and private sectors bringing about real change with this comprehensive agenda.
Cherie Nursalim, Network Chair

The United in Diversity (UID) forum is a non-profit organization established with Indonesian leaders from business, government, and civil society. Founded in 2003, UID has galvanized leaders from all sectors to come together, start a new dialogue of responsibility, and agree on concrete actions to address the root causes of Indonesia’s problems as well as regional and global challenges.