SDSN Turkey

Hosted by:
  • Boğaziçi University
    Istanbul, Turkey

Convening Stakeholders on SDG Localization in Turkey

In October 2019, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs visited Istanbul to discuss the current state of SDG implementation with different stakeholders on the occasion of the launch event of the SDG Index at Boğaziçi University. The network facilitated Prof. Sachs’ visits to government officials to discuss Turkey’s approach to the SDGs, zero waste policy, and the country’s economic structure.

Working Towards Sustainable Urban Development

To localize SDGs 11 and 13 and raise awareness, SDSN Turkey initiated action at municipal level and held the “Cities for Climate Workshop”. The representatives of 24 municipalities declared their intent to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030. Moreover, SDSN Turkey conducted the “Sustainable Cities and Climate Change Online Training Program”, urging municipalities to undertake mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Mobilizing Turkish Society around Sustainable Development

SDSN Turkey mobilizes companies, institutions, and governmental organizations promoting the initiatives of the SDSN to take action on the SDGs. The network was invited to become a member of different organizations such as the Danish Green Growth Network and participated in various events such as the Social Good Summit convened by UNDP. In May 2020, the Network organized its first online Corporate Sustainability Certificate Program in collaboration with REC Turkey. A specific Certificate Program on Sustainable Marketing was also developed and conducted for company professionals together with Sustainability Academy. SDSN Turkey also contributed to SDSN’s 24 Hour Webinar and organized the participation of Mustafa Seçkin, CEO of Unilever Turkey, Central Asia and Iran, who delivered a speech on Food and Happiness.

SDSN Youth and Global Schools Pilot Project

SDSN Youth Turkey works with the youth focal points of member universities. SDSN Turkey and SDSN Turkey Youth collaborated with AIESEC Turkey to run a one-day education for 2000 students of K-12 schools. SDSN Turkey devotes special attention to the Global Schools Project. The Network works with a number of leading academics and government executives of K-12 schools to introduce the Global Schools Program in the national education system.

Looking Ahead

SDSN Turkey keeps contextualizing SDG Academy courses. The Network is preparing a new training program called "Sustainable Cities and Climate Change” with further outreach to the municipalities, while also working on developing a pilot SDG Index for Cities. Moreover, SDSN Turkey collaborates with the Danish Embassy on organizing the “Great Taste Zero Waste” event on sustainable food and gastronomy. Finally, the Network submitted an Erasmus+ Project Application to foster digital social innovation for the SDGs among European university students.

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